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Rentokil Initial pest control, hygiene and indoor plant services in Australia

Rentokil Initial’s commitment to protecting people and enhancing lives, is the promise we make to our customers and to our colleagues every day. We protect people from the dangers of pest-borne disease, the risks of poor hygiene or from injury in the workplace. We enhance lives with services that protect the health and wellbeing of people, and the reputation of our customers' brands.

In Australia, we operate under the brands Rentokil, Initial Hygiene and Ambius. Our parent company, Rentokil Initial plc, is one of the largest business services companies in the world and employs over 57,000 colleagues across more than 80 countries.

Rentokil Pest Control

Rentokil Australia has grown to become the country’s largest and most trusted expert pest controller since 1965. With our innovative solutions and extensive local pest knowledge, we protect the reputation of our customers in commercial, food, industrial, manufacturing industries, and residential with our comprehensive pest management solutions.

Initial Hygiene

Initial Hygiene is a credible Australian provider of leading-edge and customisable hygiene solutions across indoor air quality, surface disinfection, hand hygiene and washroom solutions. With dozens of years of success in eliminating risks caused by bacteria and other infectious diseases, we raise the hygiene standards for businesses across numerous industries and create a precedent in care for employees' safety with a 360 degree approach to hygiene best practice.

Ambius Indoor Plants

Ambius is the leading indoor plants provider in Australia, with the aim of enriching workplace experiences for our clients. Thanks to a dedicated design and service team, we enable businesses to achieve their goals in beautiful, healthy and sustainable indoor environments.

Premium Scenting

Enhance your customer experience and create deep emotional brand connections with multi-sensory marketing through our fine fragrance air care solutions. With customers demanding more from brands, we help businesses enhance the experiential marketing to create long lasting and profitable customer relationships.

Expertise, Service, Innovation

As the global leader in pest control and hygiene services, discover how we continually redefine the boundaries of the industries we service.

Urgent Safety Notification

Hand dryers: Mediclinic Optima Models Rentokil Initial advises that it has become aware of a safety issue affecting Mediclinic Hand Dryers that have been supplied to customers across Australia. We are working with the Australian distributor of these products, Davidson Washroom to investigate this matter. Please take urgent action if this notification applies to any hand dryer installed at you premises.

Premium Scenting